About this project


What inspired this project? 

We started this project to create a new childhood cancer research agenda. This agenda will focus on patients,' caregivers', and clinicians' voices.

Who are we? 

We are a team of patients, survivors, clinicians, and researchers from across Canada. We are working to create a relevant and new research agenda for childhood cancer.

What is a "PSP"?

A "Priority Setting Partnership" is a project that finds patients', caregivers' and clinicians' unanswered questions about childhood cancer. The top ten unanswered questions will form a new research agenda. 


Participate in the survey

Are you a patient with cancer, a survivor of childhood cancer, a caregiver for a child with cancer, or a clinician in this field?


What you think matters. 

This is a chance to influence future research in the field of childhood cancer. Please take 10 minutes to answer this survey. Together we can support pediatric cancer patients, changing the quality of their life with revitalized research priorities.

Meet the team

Photo of Dr. Lindsay Jibb
Photo of Tamara Rader
Photo of Alyssa Chee-a-tow

Dr. Lindsay Jibb

Tamara Rader

Alyssa Chee-a-tow

Photo of Dr. Daniel Morgenstern
Photo of James A. Whitlock
Photo of Adrienne Co-Dyre

Dr. Daniel Morgenstern

Dr. James A. Whitlock

Adrienne Co-Dyre

Photo of Geoffrey Fang
Photo of Helena Kirk
Photo of Sarah Calderwood

Geoffrey Fang

Helena Kirk

Sarah Calderwood

Photo of Lily Ren
Photo of Perri Tutelman
Photo of Antonia Palmer

Lily Ren

Perri Tutelman

Antonia Palmer

IMG_5413 (1).jpg

Rachel Hamilton

Caroline Wai

Kathy Brodeur-Robb



Project Coordinator:
The Hospital for Sick Children

Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning
686 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5G 0A4 Canada

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